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Steaming Soup of Spice


The South Indian rasam sputters and fumes as it simmers along with tomatoes, curry leaves, pepper, garlic, cumin and red chillies. Usually had with rice, the eternally popular rasam can be a perfect remedy for the common cold.

Hot Chips, Palakkad, Kerala



Thin slices of raw banana fry themselves in boiling coconut oil before being salted and consumed by hot chips fans in and around Kerala, and all over India. Served with tea usually, the delicious kaaya varuthuthu —¬†as it’s called in Malayalam — is also served with grand meals on¬†banana leaves at wedding feasts.

Spicy Rice Powder


Softened with oil, this fabulous rice powder from South India has roasted grains, red chillies, lentils, pepper and much more. Spicy and coarse, it sits well with those who need that extra zing of spice to get through their daily meals.