Keep Smiling!

Wish you all a smiley year ahead.

Life Skills From Our Canine Friend

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  • No matter how down you are, get up and run.
  • No matter how old you are, chase those birds.
  • No matter how lost you are, never stop walking.
  • No matter how lonely you feel, keep loving.
  • No matter how voiceless you are, stand up for others.
  • No matter how tired you are, acknowledge people.
  • No matter how sad you are, make someone¬†smile.
  • No matter how tough it is, communicate.
  • No matter how others see you, stay true to yourself.
  • No matter how short life is, make¬†good memories.

Canine Smile

dogs can’t smile?

Say, wait a while.

why do you say so?

Perhaps you pretend

to be

a holier soul?


Well, dogs do tell with style

Lips do lift and curl


A sight it is for sore eyes

If you want to see your dog smile


Love him and be his life.