Banana Chips!


The coastal state of Kerala in South India is well-known for delicious banana chips deep fried in coconut oil. Salty and crisp, these chips are found everywhere from teatimes at homes to festivals and feasts.


Stir-fried and Spiced


One of the most common foods in India — the humble potato. It can be steamed, fried, deep-fried or boiled in curry along with other ingredients to improve texture or taste. For most Malayalees, a great dish of potato would mean roasting it in a little oil along with turmeric, chilli powder, curry leaves and salt. Yes, as simple as that. One could eat it on its own, have it with rice or naan, or even use it as an ingredient for a spicy, delicious sandwich!

Hot Chips, Palakkad, Kerala



Thin slices of raw banana fry themselves in boiling coconut oil before being salted and consumed by hot chips fans in and around Kerala, and all over India. Served with tea usually, the delicious kaaya varuthuthu —¬†as it’s called in Malayalam — is also served with grand meals on¬†banana leaves at wedding feasts.