Happy Birthday, Kerala.

The foothills of the Annamalai range that preserve a different world altogether. Here’s to Kerala on its unification day…into peace and glory let this land awake. 

Moral of the Story

Whether you believe in tradition or not, there is one thing you should absolutely believe in: A child that reads doesn’t always grow up to be an adult that thinks. The South Indian state of Kerala – a place that takes great pride in literacy- conveys this very important message as it grapples with a man-made crisis that questions the identity of India as a secular democracy. As believers clash with the police near a well-known pilgrimage site to stop young women from entering the shrine, one wonders where the country is headed and if the Constitution and courts are just a facade. Will religions continue to take the law into their own hands, or will there ever come a day when all communities will resort to due process, review petitions and internal discussions to resolve sensitive issues? When will this violence end?

Sabarimala News

This hill temple of Kerala is currently seeing protests after the Supreme Court allowed women of all ages to enter the shrine. Earlier, only girls below 10 and women over 50 could go. The reason given was the celibate form of the deity. Now that the Supreme Court has cleared the way for women of all ages to enter, people claiming to be true devotees are organising marches. Some are accusing the court of anti-Hindu sentiment while others are saying it’s a conspiracy. Many men are openly saying that their wives and daughters will not enter. Those leading these marches are to submit a review petition this month. No idea how that’s going to pan out. Let’s wait and watch.