Bishop Arrested

The first Catholic bishop to be arrested for allegedly raping a nun…bravo, sisters.

But let justice roll on like a river;
righteousness like a never-failing stream. (Amos 5:24)


Justice for Nun


Keralite artist Jalaja’s painting is a present-day depiction of Michelangelo’s ‘Pieta’ that depicts the body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary after the Crucifixion. People who visit the protest venue (where the nuns are) can write their name and address on postcards with the painting. These postcards will be sent to the Chief Minister. What’s a movement without artists? 🙂

Sisters Strike


On 8 September – Mother Mary’s birth anniversary- a group of nuns hit the streets in Kerala demanding the arrest of the bishop accused of raping one of their own. It’s the very first time in the history of the church that nuns have defied the sacred vow of obedience. As a small but smart state, Kerala has always led the way…hope its nuns too set a great example for how justice is to be seized from those that are unwilling to grant it.


Homage to the Hometown: Kollengode


5 Questions with Geetha Sangeeth, 42

Which is your favourite travel destination?
Kollengode Village in Palakkad district, Kerala.
Why is it special?
It’s my hometown! My parents and siblings live there.
Something travellers shouldn’t miss…
The famed Ramassery Idly (steamed rice cakes). Ramassery is a village close to Kollengode; it sells an idly that is very different from the regular South Indian idlys. The Ramassery Idly is round and flat and extremely delicious. It’s served hot in banana leaves with coconut chutney.
What can one shop for?
Handloom dresses, Kerala saris, and crispy banana chips.
Tell us a good memory associated with this place.
Good old school and college days. I also remember annual temple festivals like the Aaraattu and Deshavilakku with elephants and drum beats.
Kollengode is about an hour from Palakkad town in Kerala, South India.

Canine News

Meanwhile, a dog in a relief camp in flood-ravaged Kerala has refused to eat the rice and vegetables that its human friends are eating. A volunteer served it fragrant chicken biriyani which the fussy fellow grudgingly accepted. This crisis has thus brought to light the evolving nature of man and his best friend. 🙂