Keralite Folk Dance


Mudiyattam at Esplanade, Singapore


By the Roadside


It was indeed very hot in Kerala this time. The sun shone like some vengeful god and people were cranky from baking in the heat. Don’t know who kept these mud pots full of water along the roads…but they may have helped so many weary travelers…good to know some goodness exists.

Morning Pal


On our daily walks, we used to see a lot of dogs, cats, squirrels, insects and birds (elephants too, if we got lucky) in Kerala. This lovely dog was playing with some pails outside his house at 7 in the morning. The moment he saw us, he ran towards the gate with his tail wagging like a windshield wiper. Hope his human friends are good to him. Stay happy, sweet dog!

Yakshi (Short Story)

Hi friends…a bit from Yakshi, which was published by Litro Online…

Unni turned to look at her and immediately regretted it. She stood there like someone had etched her in air. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. The yakshi chuckled, her breath falling around him like autumn leaves. Unni realised that she could see into his heart. “I still guard this village, Thirumeni. There is no other goddess.”

Click HERE for the story.