Daylight made it easier for us to be at Pompeii. One can’t imagine going there at night. A city buried under ash for centuries. Paulo works there as a guide and somehow, the creepiness of Pompeii has kept him fascinated. The company of dead people makes him come alive. Death is beautiful sometimes, I guess.

Homage to the Hometown: Kollengode


5 Questions with Geetha Sangeeth, 42

Which is your favourite travel destination?
Kollengode Village in Palakkad district, Kerala.
Why is it special?
It’s my hometown! My parents and siblings live there.
Something travellers shouldn’t miss…
The famed Ramassery Idly (steamed rice cakes). Ramassery is a village close to Kollengode; it sells an idly that is very different from the regular South Indian idlys. The Ramassery Idly is round and flat and extremely delicious. It’s served hot in banana leaves with coconut chutney.
What can one shop for?
Handloom dresses, Kerala saris, and crispy banana chips.
Tell us a good memory associated with this place.
Good old school and college days. I also remember annual temple festivals like the Aaraattu and Deshavilakku with elephants and drum beats.
Kollengode is about an hour from Palakkad town in Kerala, South India.

Cool Cool Los Angeles!

5 Questions with Rachna Menon, 15
Q: What is special about Los Angeles?
A: The people are nice. Everybody talks to each other. The weather is sunny and good.
Q: What did you like most about it?
A: The Grove. It’s a retail complex where everybody goes. It’s outdoors with lots of entertainment.
Q: Where can one go for a good meal?
A: In-N-Out. You get burgers there. America has the best burgers! I had a cheese burger and fries.
Q: Where can you shop?
A: The Grove.
Q: Tell us a good memory associated with this place.
A: I met Bella Thorne! She is an actor. She said hi to me and we took a selfie!