The Brahma Kamal (Hindi) or Moonflower blossomed in my home last night. I wasn’t there to see it unfold its soft, white petals; we were busy watching A Beautiful Mind — the movie on American mathematician John Nash — with our young daughter. 

As we sat shaking our heads in disbelief at this brave man’s struggle with schizophrenia, the Moonflower was probably in full bloom, its stalk extending a bit further, offering itself to the moon above. I noticed it at dawn and stayed with it till sunrise when it started closing its petals. It loved the moon, not the sun. The hibiscus stretched in the light and so did the roses, but the moon flower didn’t betray its lover — the moon.

Perhaps our daughter could learn from it too. Perhaps I could convince her to stay and watch the moonflower bloom tonight? Its refusal to be like the others makes it a little odd, weird yet beautiful — like John Nash and his beautiful mind.


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