Never Deal With It

Many Indian homes are responsible for the rising number of sexual crimes in the country; many of my own relatives laughed at groping incidents while some ignored them, thus giving a clear message to the girls — DEAL WITH IT.

Today, we act horrified as crimes escalate to rapes and other forms of torture, sparing no one, not even babies who know nothing but to cry. If only someone had stood up and told us we need to talk about it instead of curtailing our freedom and locking us within the four walls of our homes, India would have been a different place today with regard to women’s safety.

So am glad someone is speaking up for Japan’s girls. A country so modern, peaceful and disciplined must pay heed to what their women are telling them. Or they shall soon see their men turning deranged, attacking young girls and old women, not stopping at gropings or rape. Am glad someone is telling Japan’s children to fight back, to NEVER DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE TO.

Do read the story HERE; am sure most Indian women will relate to it. Thanks.


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