Julie’s Dilemma


Julie unclasped her brassiere, brought out a dripping breast and thrust it into her baby’s mouth. She watched her hungry daughter suck fiercely, milk running in rivulets down her chin. A few men stared at Julie’s swollen breast. The guard checked his rulebook to see if it was okay for a woman to breastfeed in public. Someone clicked a picture. Perplexed, Julie covered her breast with an arm, but was surprised at how forcefully her daughter pushed it away. She smiled, sat back and held her child closer, allowing nature to dictate terms for once. She stayed on the platform even after her train arrived; her baby wanted more milk and there was ample on the other side.

(Image: Wikimedia. Anja Kiel, BreastfeedingMums.com)


6 thoughts on “Julie’s Dilemma

  1. Breasts are meant to feed babies and not to be covered. Yes, they are symbols of modesty too. When your travel to India, you will find countless women washing, bathing themselves up in village ponds and lakes without bothering to cover themselves up. And nobody bothers too.

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  2. Thanks for reading! I wrote that in response to this: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/breastfeeding-in-public-is-normal-says-mother-who-nursed-her-daughter-without-a-cover-on-a
    There are many people who make women feel ashamed of breastfeeding in public. You don’t have to say it…but how you respond to the sight tells a lot. That a mother’s photo went viral simply because she happened to be nursing is something I couldn’t digest. do read the story. thnks.


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