img_2985As we retreat into our own little shells bit by bit, we reach out to those who can’t physically be there for us while moving away from those who can. This perhaps creates a huge confusion in our minds as to which world we ought to inhabit — a world we can’t actually feel or one that seems not to need us. The former seems easy to navigate but the latter is real hard work. The former is superficial yet satisfying but the latter seems thankless. The former is full of people who talk to you because they want to while the “real” world pretends to listen. This slow muddling of two worlds and a preference for the former indicates that perhaps we have lost the need to feel with all senses, and can fulfill ourselves with insignificant camaraderie — however fake it seems. Man then is on the road to some bigger change, a change that threatens his very core and establishes a reality very different from the one we know and appreciate. Whether we will evolve into better beings by turning our lives topsy-turvy is something none can tell with ease. Until then, let’s keep “islanding” ourselves, for there is indeed no choice. It’s too late now to hit the rewind button.




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