There was once a fake heaven of smiling gods that derived their glory from commoners. A few gods pretended to smile while others silently cried. Some fought like warriors while the rest moved away from public eye.

The common man held his faith until one day, one of the female gods was found half-dead in her own garden. “It’s the work of the devil!” cried all the other gods. The half-dead deity suddenly rose and declared war against the heavens.She sought the common man’s help but he stood inert, his faith questioned. His struggle to find the devil led him to the golden gates, beyond which the smiling gods stayed. 

“Open these gates,” he shouted, but the smiling gods began to vanish bit by bit. The common man clung to the gates, rattling them hard. And slowly, before his very eyes, the heavens crumbled. He stared open-mouthed as a few skeletons tumbled from cracking pillars. The desperate cries of forgotten gods grew so loud that he retreated…but the half-dead god suddenly caught him by his throat.

Who fed the devil? she asked. Don’t you want to know?

The half-dead god was smiling no more. Terrified, the common man shook himself free and ran without looking back. He didn’t care about this mystery. “The gods are no more,” he screamed. “The devil has usurped the throne!” And thus, the fake heaven of smiling gods was defeated by a devil created by fake gods.

The common man still lingers to see what happens to the debris. For in this tussle between the gods and the devil and the half-dead deity, the biggest loser is he.



    1. thanks, mick. the story is based on the sexual assault of a Keralite actress; the police is looking into the alleged involvement of movie stars and hired goons… sad state of affairs. the pic is by Sudheeshna Bijjala… a friend’s 18-year old son. 🙂

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